Rehearsals for ‘Alice In Wonderland’ At Centennial Gardens

Rehearsals have been busy and very productive. Nervous energy abounds.

The cast have put hours and hours of hard work into their roles and the production. They are now ready to showcase their work for the Art Deco Festival 2022.

Fingers crossed all four shows are going ahead, so far so good.

Here are a few photos showcasing some of the hard work which has gone into the show.

Queen of Hearts

As Queens of Hearts we have the very experienced and renowned Director and Actor Lisa-Jane who is playing said role to a tee.

LJ Rehearsing as The Queen of Hearts

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

We simply must have a cup of tea at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Here have experienced director/actor/teachers who have taken on main roles in this scene.

Kylie Vanston and Alan Powdrill lead this scene with song, dance and peculiarities galore. We are pretty sure they have having a very merry ‘unbirthday’ party indeed.

Kylie Vanson, Alan Powdrill, with Anke Roosannette (Alice) and Amelie Vanston

As this is a Promenade show, four Alices’ will be taking the audience scene by scene through the Centennial Gardens.

Stay tuned, for more rehearsal photos.

Cast Members

Alices x 4


White Rabbit

Cheshire Cat

Queen of Hearts

Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee

Mad Hatter

March Hare



Mock Turtle


Charlotte Reid
Charlotte Brown
Maia Driver
Anke Roosannette

Maite Dechering

Jaimee Yates

Abby Morunga

Lisa-Jane Easter

Alice Dravitzki

Amy Brown

Kylie Vanston

Alan Powdrell

Amelie Vanston

Maddy Dolley

Amy Edwards

  1. Stella Edwards 2. Mila Papuni, 3. Eva Redwood

More Promotional Photos from Sean D’Souza

Local photographer took photos of our opening day at Centennial Park.

Charlotte Reid as Alice meeting with Tweedle Dee and Dum
Mock Turtle: Amy Edwards
The Salty Caterpillar: Maddy Dolley
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: Alice Dravitzki and Amy Brown
LJ Easter as Queen, Mila Papuni, Eva Redwood, Stellar Edwards