Alice In Wonderland Art Deco Weekend 2022

So here we are again ladies and gentlemen Alice In Wonderland (Promenade Theatre) is back again with mostly the same cast members who are champing at the bit to perform from the 17th to the 20th Feb as part of the ‘Art Deco’ Festival.

Follow Alice as she talks to her sister about fantasies and fairytales, then follows the very late White Rabbit through the Centennial park tunnel into the Queen’s Garden. What will she discover there, whom will she meet and what will happen to her after she plays a game of croquet with the petulant Queen? Will the cards lose their heads?

Then follow Alice to meet the crazy ‘Cheshire Cat’ who points in ‘that’ direction to meet with the ‘Mad Hatter’, ‘March Hare’ and ‘Dormouse,’ where they are all having a very Merry unbirthday indeed.

From the Tea party to ‘Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum’ arguing about who’s the bravest and best at fighting. What will Alice do to help them?

Next she’ll takes a turn into the’ Caterpillar’s’ Mushroom, who is smoking a hooker and very correctically indeed. Not to mention the very poorly ‘Mock Turtle’ who somehow feels a little unappreciated, even though he’s quite the sea academic.

With adventures like these who’d not want to help Alice on her journey to find the White Rabbit and her self confidence along the way?

Come along and book a session to this years Art Deco Alice in Wonderland project.

Book through iticket

Adults: $15

Children: $12

With loads of fun to be had, and interactions with the characters, we look forward to meet you all.